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Tube Manipulation

Tube bending forms a major part of our core business.

We pride ourselves on producing quality bends either as part of a welded fabrication or on a bend only basis. Our bending machines have the capability to form tubes from 6mm up to 40mm diameter using:

+ Round tube
+ Square tube
+ Oval tube

We currently have bending tools for various different radii ranging from 50mm centre line radius to large sweeps up to 3 meter radii.

tube manipulation for handrail systems transport

Handrail Refurbish & Repair

Repair and refurbish tired looking hand poles, grab rails and accessories

+ Replace and copy existing handrails for new
+ Repair any worn or broken handrails
+ Remove completely old coated finish
+ Shot blast parts
+ Pre-treatment process
+ Apply a new finish see our nylon or polyester options
+ As new appearance
+ Re-polish stainless steel to bright mirror finish
+ Quick turnaround service

Interior Handrail Systems

Our services offer the design and manufacture of tubular handrail systems including partitions, luggage racks, hand poles, grab rails, camps and fittings.

Our handrails are usually supplied in 30mm or 35mm diameter tube and come in a variety of options:

+ Mild steel smooth finish
+ Mild steel diamond pattern finish
+ Stainless steel bright polish or brushed finish
+ Stainless steel diamond pattern finish

Our manufacturing capabilities are to produce handrails as a bespoke special or for production run batches.

We have tube bending machines that can produce accurate and quality bends every time and all our handrails are TIG welded to give a clean and neat appearence.

We have experience and work closely with bus and train operators on design and application process.

interior handrail systems transport

Steel Fabrications

We have a skilled workforce with the ability of work to customer drawings/samples and the experience to offer advice in the design and manufacture of your products if required.

Services included:
+ Tube cutting
+ Sheet metal shearing
+ Tube bending
+ Laser cut parts
+ JIG Assembly
+ MIG Welding
+ TIG Welding
+ Polishing
+ Plating
+ Nylon/Polyester power coating
+ Protective wrapping and delivery service

MIG & TIG Welding

As part of our steel fabrication service, we have the facilities to MIG and TIG weld in mild steel, stainless steel or alumium.

MIG & TIG welding are both an extremely strong and effective process used in steel fabricating.

MIG TIG welding  for handrail systems transport

Nylon Coating

Nylon powder has superior wear abrasion and impact resistance compared to polyester.

The coating process pre treatment, priming and nylon formulation is based on a coating specification rigorously tested and approved for durability and fire safety by London Underground.

+ Excellent wear characteristics
+ Good thermal insulation, ideal for warm to touch applications
+ Good chemical resistance especially to solvents
+ Good corrosion resistance
+ Non toxic
+ Available in all standard colours RAL,BS Pantone, NCS and Munsell Charts

Nylon and powder coating  for handrail systems transport

Powder Coating

Polyester powder provides a good all over smooth clean neat finish with very good abrasion resistant properties.

+ Good resistance to UV and colour stability
+ Economy
+ A wide range of colours and a full range of gloss levels and textures

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