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Commercial Handrail Systems has extensive knowledge and experience in the manufacture of tubular products and steel fabrications.

Now, as part of A E Harris & Co. (Birmingham) Ltd., it can also offer inhouse support services of Laser Cutting, CNC turning and machining, Presswork, and additional capacity on CNC tube bending.

The tubular products supplied by Commercial Handrail Systems include handrail kits for the passenger transport industry, as well as bespoke made Luggage storage systems.

For many years now, Commercial Handrail systems have been the obvious choice to supply either prototypes, initial production and long-term production runs of tubular and fabricated products into the bus, coach, train or tram industry.

Chapman Driver Seating is a highly regarded UK designer and manufacturer of bus drivers seats, and supplies all of the major OEM’s in the UK.

The synergy of A E Harris & Co. (Birmingham) Ltd, Chapman Drivers Seating and Commercial Handrail Systems enables us to offer an unparalleled range of engineering services to its clients.

Be it a prototype, or a small to large production run, with Commercial Handrail Systems you can be assured of service, quality and competitive pricing.

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Commercial Hand Rail Systems is a division of A E Harris & Co. (Birmingham) Ltd.

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